Company Profile
CAS cold atom (CASCA) Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is a leading quantum technology entrepreneurial enterprise in the industry. The core team of the company comes from the Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement.Science and Technology, CAS, China. We has successively undertaken a number of national-level topics related to quantum precision measurement and quantum computing, such as the "973" project of the national major research plan, the national key research and development plan, and the pilot project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
With the mission of promoting the quantum technology revolution, CASCA is committed to providing advanced technology, excellent quality, and cost-controllable quantum technology products for customers in scientific research institutions, corporate R&D departments, industrial production and education.
Accelerating the quantum revolution with cold atom
Become a leading international quantum technology provider
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Business and research fields
Quantum Precision Measuring Instruments
Quantum gravity measurement equipment, quantum precision time reference
Quantum Sensing Core Components
Cold atom system (MOT), ultra-high vacuum cell, optical module, electrical control system
Neutral atom quantum computing
Neutral atom quantum computing for college education, dedicated quantum computer
Atomic quantum chip
Quantum Chip Device